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Gifts of Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be converted into charitable gifts in many ways. Often times, individuals can make gifts of life insurance without outlaying and current money, but can provide a significant benefit to the AKHF in the future. For example, an individual who already has adequate life insurance that he/she purchased privately, but also has a life insurance policy provided by his/her employer, can make the AKHF the beneficiary, at no cost to themselves!

Other ways to utilized Life Insurance as a gift to the AKHF include:

1. Transferring ownership to an existing, paid-up, life insurance policy that is no longer needed to fulfill its original purpose, such as protecting a home mortgage.

2. Purchasing a new life insurance policy , transferring ownership to the AKHF and deducting the cost of the police or premium.

3. Designating a portion of life insurance benefits to the AKHF as a primary beneficiary.

4. Designating the AKHF as a contingent beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

5. And other ways.

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