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All Foundation programs and services are provided to those who live or work in the Alle-Kiski Valley free of charge! The Foundation believes that health and wellness improvement begins with individuals taking personal responsibility for their own well-being.  Therefore, the Foundation provides all of its health and wellness programs free of charge so that individuals have the tools necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Community Grant Opportunities

Community Health & Wellness Programs

Highlands Emergency Services Alliance

The Foundation joined together with eight volunteer fire departments and Highlands School District in supporting the first of its kind, school-based, fire fighter training program in the country. Known by the acronym “HESA”, the highly popular and successful program provides Entry Level Firefighting Training as an elective, with full credit towards high school graduation, at Highlands Senior High School.

Dozens of young women and men have graduated from the program over the years, with many serving as volunteer fire fighters in the communities where they now reside.

The program has since been replicated in various school districts around the country.

AK PULSER Emergency Vehicles

The Foundation regularly supports the rescue vehicle needs of AK PULSER. AK PULSER dispatches its experienced and highly trained paramedics to the scenes of medical emergencies throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley to assist local ambulance and rescue squads.

Community Health & Wellness Education

One of the most popular Foundation programs is the Community Health & Wellness Education program. The goal of the program is to provide the community with up-to-date information on diverse and timely topics that cover a wide array of issues. Attendance is robust, with the Foundation’s William & Grace Walker Conference Room often filled to capacity. Recent topics like Teen Suicide Prevention, Medicare 101, Preventing Home Invasions, Elder Care Law, Massage Therapy, are illustrative of the variety of offerings.

Programs include the following lecture series:

  • Dr. H.W. Fraley Memorial Lecture
  • Heatherlyn A. Marshall Memorial Lecture
  • Frances & Anna Belle Beck Memorial Lecture
  • Bernice & Joe Stimel Memorial Lecture
  • And Others


Thanks to the generosity of Foundation friends like Helen Rakowski Bole, Bonnie Orkow, Robert & Jean Walsh, Adolph Rzotkewicz, The Czekalski Family, the John Bologna family, and others, the Foundation has provided more than $500,000 in college scholarships to local students. Each year, approximately $25,000 is awarded to students majoring in nursing, English, math & sciences, humanities, business and other courses of study. Over the years, students have come from every high school in the Alle-Kiski Valley. View our available Scholarships.

AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators)

Among the first to provide police vehicles with AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators), the Foundation has expanded the program to include ambulances, fire trucks, rescue vehicles and other first responders. Over the years, AEDs valued at more than $125,000 have been provided to Alle-Kiski Valley first responder organizations.

Hunger-in-the-Valley Initiative

One of the more recent Foundation programs, the Hunger-in-the-Valley Initiative, is designed to address issues relating to food challenged families in the Alle-Kiski Valley, as well as to educate the community in ways to nourish themselves with healthier diets, regardless of their food budgets.

Community Support

Each year, the Foundation provides thousands of dollars of grant money to local entities through its Community Support program. Such grants are made to help other organizations who also help improve the lives of Alle-Kiski Valley residents. Recent grants have been made to the Alle-Kiski Hope Center, Allegheny Township Volunteer Fire Department, the Allegheny Valley Association of Churches, Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley, HAVIN, the HOPE Center, Lost Dreams Awakening, Natrona Builds, Sheldon Park Resident’s Council and many other worthwhile missions.

Community Nurse Program

The Foundation employs two part-time registered nurses as part of its highly successful Community Nurse Program. Together, the nurses provide free health advice to a number of Alle-Kiski Valley residents each month. Topics include issues involving Medicare, Diabetes, Elder Care, Eye Care, Healthy Diets, Medication Issues, Transportation Issues and many other issues. Learn more about our Community Nurse Program.

First Responder Grants

Each year, the Foundation provides thousands of dollars of equipment and supplies to police, fire, ambulance, paramedic and rescue organizations. Recent First Responder Grants include sonar and radar for a local river and water rescue squad, emergency lighting for nighttime rescue operations for a volunteer fire company, funding to train new water rescue dive team recruits, police equipment, iPads for a volunteer ambulance company that enable hospital emergency physicians to monitor emergency patients enroute to the hospital, AEDs to police departments, Narcan to other first responders and many more.

Healthy Teen Initiative

The Foundation recently completed its second video on heroin abuse prevention, Opioid Abuse: True Confessions of Pain, Misery and Destruction. The film is just one of many programs provided to schools and other groups that are designed to help young people make healthier lifestyle choices. Other recent programs include Embracing Differences and Cyber Dangers.

Assistance for the Needy

The Foundation provides funding to help needy individuals in the community with Prescription Drug Co-payments, Home Health Equipment, assistance for families with loved ones suffering extended stays in hospitals and other needs.

William & Grayce Walker Conference Room

The Foundation makes available their self-contained conference room with integral audio/visual equipment, kitchenette and restrooms to community groups who do not have their own dedicated training or meeting capabilities. Social services, first responders, drug abuse recovery & prevention groups and other community organizations regularly use the room free of charge. Additionally, local business and industry groups use the room as well.

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