2017 John Bologna Memorial Scholarship Application

 John J. Bologna Memorial Scholarship

  • • One time scholarship. The amount will be determined.
    • Must be a graduating senior from a high school in the Alle-Kiski Valley.
    • Must be a full-time student working towards a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university. On-line colleges will not be considerd.
    • There is no stipulation on the major.
    • Complete an application with ALL required attachments.
    • Have the completed application and attachments delivered to the Allegheny-Kiski Health
    Foundation by the deadline of May 12, 2017.
  • 1. All items must be completed, please type or print legibly. Applications that are illegible
    will not be considered.
    2. Please attach additional pages as necessary.
    3. Completed applications, including the following attachments (except for academic and
    financial documentation mailed directly from schools, colleges or universities), are to be
    enclosed in one envelope and returned to the Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation,
    One Acee Drive, Natrona Heights, PA 15065. Phone: (724) 294-3157
    Please check the due date on page one:
    • A copy of an official acceptance letter from your college or university.
    • A letter from your college or university’s financial aid office that provides the
    first year’s cost of education and all scholarships, grants and financial aid
    that you will receive.
    • Your high school transcripts and documentation of graduation.
    • Minimum of 2.5 Grade Point Average (Required).

  • Name of Organization or Business
  • ActivityDates Of Involvement 
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