The AKH Foundation continues its strong tradition of grant making to life saving and life enhancing projects throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley.  In the recent past, the Foundation provided grants to projects that benefitted nearly every corner of the region.  

Perhaps the most far reaching project was the $30,000 community grant given to AK PULSER to help fund the cost of a new rescue vehicle.  AK PULSER (Alle-Kiski Paramedic Unit for Life Support Emergency Response) is a service that dispatches state licensed paramedics directly to the scene of medical emergencies in any area of the Alle-Kiski Valley.  It is a vital service, in that most local ambulance companies do not have 24-hour paramedic staffing.  Having state of the art rescue vehicles is a key element to AK PULSER’s success.  The AKH Foundation has helped AK PULSER purchase each of its past four primary rescue vehicles.  AK PULSER responded to more than 1,250 emergency calls last year.

Another project supported by the AKH Foundation that will have a far reaching impact is a $5,000 grant made to HAVIN (Helping All Victims in Need) to assist in the renovation of a building near the Armstrong County Courthouse.  The facility, named “Kay’s Cottage” in the memory of long-time advocate Kay Steiner, will be used as a safe and comfortable place where children and disabled victims of abuse can be interviewed by trained forensic interview.  Such a service will help reduce the emotional trauma for victims.

Other community projects recently supported by the AKH Foundation include the following:

·       A grant to Eureka Fire & Rescue to re-equip their water rescue boat with state of the art sonar and radar equipment.

·       A grant to Lower-Kiski Ambulance Service to provide training for new underwater dive team members.

·           A grant to Alle-Kiski HOPE Center to provide cell phones to thirty police officers to assist them in implementing HOPE’s Lethality Assessment Project.

·       A grant to the Allegheny Township Fire Department to provide new mobile lighting equipment for fire and rescue operations.

·       A grant to provide distracted driving programs to Valley High School and Kiski High School students.

·       Grants made to the Highlands Emergency Services Alliance for assistance with equipment and educational field trips.

·       An equipment grant to the East Deer Township Police Department.

·       AEDs and AED equipment to the Tarentum Police Department and the Fawn Township Police Department.

·       Training Manikins to local AED/CPR training personnel so that free training can be provided to the community.

Dozens of community grants have been made in the past year or so totaling more than $100,000.  Some of the funds were provided through the generosity of local donors who have made donations or established special funds with the AKH Foundation.  Individuals wishing to help the Foundation by making a gift or establishing a special fund may phone the AKH Foundation office at
(724) 294-3157.