Improving the health, wellness, and quality of life in Alle-Kiski Valley

COVID-19 Response

The Foundation has been responsive to the COVID-19 pandemic from its beginning in March 2020. The first initiative for the Foundation was to provide an outlet for accurate news about the pandemic, including safety measures, proper hygiene, treatment modalities, progress on vaccinations, and more. Additionally, the Foundation led an effort to train several local organizations to become certified as Community Health Deputies through the Neighborhood Resilience Project. As a Community Health Deputy, the Foundation provides regular wellness check telephone calls, up-to-date health information, COVID-19 tele-screening, participation in community screening events, etc.

Moving forward, the Foundation is making efforts to continue helping local residents with food and other essential needs.

The Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation is an independent community resource striving to promote positive health, wellness and quality of life throughout the Alle-Kiski Valley. All of its programs are provided free of charge. Major programs include health & wellness education, health resource and referral services, substance abuse prevention activities, first responder support programs, and many others.

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