Fighting an Invisible Enemy — Why Social Distancing Matters

There is naturally a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding the underlying reasons behind the social distancing guidelines. The virus that causes COVID-19 can affect everyone differently in the early symptoms, the severity of the illness, the recovery time and their potential mortality. This is one of the major factors in its rapid spread.

An individual may be infected and not present any symptoms for 14 days or longer. While that individual believes that they are not a risk to others and that those they encounter who appear healthy are not a risk to them, the opposite can easily be true. Without immediate and 100 percent testing, which is not practical nor necessary, we are indeed fighting an invisible enemy.

Although accurate data is difficult to ascertain and is a moving target, some health authorities have calculated that the average carrier infects upwards of three people, although many more in some cases.

The only way to flatten the infection curve is for those not required to go out — such as medical professionals, grocery stores employees, and essential service employees — to leave their homes only for necessary tasks such as the acquisition of food, medicine, and other necessities. 

Do your part by staying home as much as possible until we successfully “flatten the curve.”

While we are all hoping and praying that a two-week period of isolation is sufficient, it may take longer, especially if we do not work together.

We’ll get through this much more quickly if we all do our part!