Pittsburgh Health News Roundup January 2018

To help you stay up-to-date on the latest health news in the Pittsburgh area, we’ve compiled some of the top news stories and current events for January 2018. You can also keep tabs on the Allegheny-Kiski Foundation’s News and Events pages for the latest information.

PacMAT Program to begin New Opioid Treatment Efforts in the Region

A federal grant totalling $26.8 million has recently been awarded to three Pittsburgh-area medical institutions, including Allegheny Health Network, in an effort to combat what’s been called “the deadliest drug overdose crisis in our country’s history.” Together, these three institutions will form the new Pennsylvania Coordinated Medication-Assisted Treatment (PacMAT) Program, designed to establish new treatment methods and therapies to more effectively handle the region’s epidemic of opioid-use disorder.

Highmark and Penn State Health Slated for $1 Billion Partnership

Officially announced in December of 2017, Highmark Health will become a minority stakeholder in Penn State Health in a $1 billion partnership. The plan to create a system of “patient-based care” within the community will also include increased funding to Penn State College of Medicine, as well as a new network based out of Penn State’s research and training hospital in Hershey, PA. Some experts speculate that this strategic move may be, at least in part, motivated by UPMC’s plan to build three new speciality hospitals in the Pittsburgh area.

Hazelwood Woman Dubbed “The Food Mood Girl” to Launch Pittsburgh Book Tour

Lindsey Smith, Hazelwood resident and author of Eat Your Feelings, has announced a Pittsburgh book tour that will take place January 10th, 11th and 25th. The so-called “Food Mood Girl” has gained an internet following for her healthy eating and inspirational blog and books. After struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks as a child, Smith has made it her passion and her livelihood to help others manage stress, eat healthier, and cope with mood disorders in more effective and productive ways.