Top Health and Wellness Gift Ideas for 2018

Whether you have a fitness fanatic on your list or you’re simply looking to give the gift of a healthier year ahead, these top wellness-inspired gift ideas could be just the ticket.

Standing Desk

Studies have shown that too much sitting could be bad for your health. But many Americans have office jobs that require them to sit for least eight hours each day. If you have someone on your list who’s looking to sit less, try gifting them a standing desk. There are lots of different models in a wide range of prices, so choose the one that best suits your recipient’s needs – and your budget.

Awair Glow

This is a small plug-in device that monitors the air quality in your home. It detects toxins, chemicals, CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature. Connect it to your air purifier, humidifier, or air conditioner to have it automatically turn these devices on when needed.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have been wildly popular this year, and they can be beneficial to your health in many different ways. Gift an essential oil diffuser to help your loved ones relax, recharge, and reap the many benefits of these natural ingredients.

Food Scale

Food scales can be a handy addition to anyone’s kitchen who is interested in managing portions and eating healthier. Pair this gift with a healthy-eating cookbook, or even a few healthy recipes of your own!


DNA testing kits were another popular item in 2018. Gift a loved one a DNA kit so they can learn more about their family history and genetics.